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Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Day for The Boys

Yesterday was a long day for me and a big day for the geldings.  Jardi phones and says Greg will be there around noon and if I want Jamaica feet trimmed I can meet him there, so I goes over at noon.  Well Greg got hung up in hussar and was late and Jardi had to take Neil to Physio so I was there waiting for him to show up.  i decided while I was waiting I would just ride Dinero in the arena then I am close by for when Greg comes.  And the horses he was shoeing were tied to the rail so he could just start anyway without me.

I have been thinking for a long time I would try and ride Dinero in my English saddle and I thought this was the perfect opportunity cause I don't want to ride out yet so arena it was.  I was a little unsure how I would feel in it cause it has been a long time since I rode English and last time was awful, I felt like I was slipping to the side with every step especially around corners.

Dinero thought I was a little weird with this tiny saddle I put on him.  I was kinda worried the cinch wouldn't fit when I could hardly get it done up to the bottom hole on each side, but once I had it on and he moved around it was up to the third hole on one side and second on the other, so seems to be the right fit for him.

Well then I was worried about how the heck I was gonna get on, I was sure I couldn't mount from the ground and I had never asked him to stand by the step in the corner by the poles, but then I remembered there was a oilfield pylon I have used before to get on and it works really well cause its is round so even if they move they don't usually get too far from it.

Well that worked good, I got on and then he wasn't sure if he should move or not,I am sure it felt really weird to him, but I actually felt comfortable. So I asked him to walk and we walked a couple time both ways around the arena and then I asked for a trot.  He was pretty good, a little unsure but after a couple rounds he was fine.  So we did a couple figure wights and some more walking and then trotting again and then I decided that was enough for us and he was soo good so I couldn't complain.

We only rode for about 25-30 minutes which was okay with me.  And turned out good cause just as  I got off, Greg showed up.  I put Dinero away and went to visiting.  I don't get a chance to visit him very often so it was kinda nice.

After the others were done, we got Jamaica out and he was really good.  Kinda a little fighty when pulling his back feet backwards, but he got over that really well and Greg is sooo good and patient, he trims the puts the foot down the files and puts the foot down.  So all in all a good experience for the boy.  I forgot to take pics of his feet while in the alley so I tried to get them in the stall afterwards and I got weird things on the side of my pic which I finally realized was his whiskers!  But they look so weird in the picture.


Shirley said...

That's funny about the whiskers, I couldn't figure out what it was until you said!

Country Gal said...

Me either I couldnt figure it out lol but it does look cool ! I learnt how to bare back before I learnt English my sister whom has horses told me when I was kid if you can ride bare back you can ride English lol so I did and I can lol also western, I miss having a horse of my own again, but one day soon in the future its in the plans ! Have a wonderful day !

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds loke a good day