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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Friendly Day

Sunday was a good day here on the ranch, probly our last really hot day of the year, and we lived it up.  Charlene and Susan and Kendra came over and brought thier horses and we took a  ride down through the creek and it was a lot of fun.

Susan and Kendra had never been to my place before even though they been talking about it for quite a while and so she was pretty excited.

She couldnt believe I had all this land to ride on.  She kept saying how lucky I was to live here and how she took three years to get here.

We took a different route than both times Charlene has been here and it went through a gate I wasn't sure we could open it, don't know who tied it but it wasn't right.  But we got it and kept going and crossed the creek and went down a super step hill.

We did find a couple places to get some pics in and at least I brought the camera along this time.

I think she will be out more now that she is confident driving her new trailer and knows where I am. 

She kept thanking me for allowing her to come ride out here, I told her I was always glad to have company to ride. And it sounds like they might come out next Sunday as well.


Country Gal said...

What a fun looking time. Love the photos ! WOW ! you do have a lot of wonderful land ! Have a great day !

Shirley said...

Having someone to ride with makes it more fun. What day are you going to the Supreme? I'm planning on going.

Cedar View Paint Horses said...

Beautiful pics. Did they fergit to plant trees up there?