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Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night Charlene called and asked if I wanted to go riding today and after all the canning I done this week I figured I deserved it.  I needed a break anyways.  So I tacked up Razz and Kali and loaded them and went to pick her up.  She had her two ready and we went over and rode in Greg's outdoor arena.

I rode Razz first and she was soo good.  She is still wanting to go fast at the lope, but she can change leads like nobodys business.  I have only tried a few times before and this time she just does it.  We also worked on turnarounds and since the barrels were up in the arena we trotted the pattern.  She wasn't afraid of the barrels (of course she wasn't) but she didn't go real close.  I think that was my fault cause I was turning to soon Charlene said.  But I'm not gonna turn her into a barrel horse it was just for fun.

And then Kali, it was a long time since I rode her (July) and she was really good, mostly.  We had a little argument when she wouldn't go between the barrel and the fence.  There was a good 30 feet, but the shadow was coming to the inside of the arena.  I don't think she was afraid of it so much as using it as an excuse to not go there.  We were loping that way and she tried to turn and I wouldn't let her so she kicked out to the side. I got after her, but it was kinda funny like that was her big NO.  after that she was really good and we even played the mirror game with Char and Dude and she really can rollback!  Its kinda fun to ride her.  I gotta get her in shape a little so she is ready to go to the trainer and he can just work and not leg her up too much.

As I was leaving this morning I got thinking I hope I don't have a flat cause I didn't check the air in the spare, well about 6 miles from home I had a blowout.  Not completely unexpected cause I knew the tires were old and we were just running them locally till they wear out.  But still so close to home.

I couldn't get the nuts off cause the were so tight and was wishing I had WD40 but of course don't carry it but I remembered I had hair conditioner spray for the horses and boy did it work well!  Off came the nuts and the spare tire did have air in it (whew) and so I got it on while I was being watched the whole time by Razz wondering what I was doing.


fernvalley01 said...

Nuts! so close , very ingenious with the tire!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Oh! No! I've been lucky, haven't had to do to many of those.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Drat those trailer tires. The Fall sure seems to be the time they start giving out if they are gonna.

I seriously need to get back to riding e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y....I have been so lax here lately. I blame it on all the canning and cooking I have been doing as well. ;-) That's time consuming work darn it. My husband would like to complain, but he has been eating so well...He can't. LMAO!

Shirley said...

I remember another flat tire for you, alooooooong way from home!