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Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I feel like I haven't gotten anything done this week with going to the Supreme Tuesday and going back this afternoon and staying till Saturday. In between, on Tuesday Neil took in a dry heifer to be butchered and today he is taking in the other two drys to the sale. Last night I rode both Kali and Razz. I need to get Kali ridden a few more times before she goes, so she will at least be sorta legged up for training.  She is pretty good now even takes longer for her to start puffing and for the whole ride yesterday she walked super fast to keep up to Ricki.  So she is feeling good.  I am pretty excited for her.

I haven't done a lot of canning since last week, made 2 batches (13 jars) raspberry jelly and canned 2 batches tomatoes(6 jars of Italian and 6 jars of Mexican).  I still have to make more jam and jellies but the fruit is frozen so its not as big a rush now.  But since we took a beef in, I will have to start cleaning out the freezer to make room.

And since we got a good hard frost last night I now should be putting away hoses and all summer things and closing up the garden shed for winter.  I hope that means the rest of the flies are gone.  Can't say I'm really sad about that frost now.  As long as it doesn't get really cold I'm okay.

Pretty excited to meet up with blog friends this weekend, should be lots of fun :))  So much to talk about and yet we all know all about our lives so kinda weird like we know each other with only meeting a couple times.Will also be fun staying at my moms for the evenings and visiting with her.

I am pretty excited for the trade show at the Supreme cause I know I need a few things and stuff is usually on sale and some new stuff to check out too.  I need a winter blanket and maybe a lighter blanket for Kali, and another neoprene pad and a show pad, I really like the one I have and wish I had saved it instead of using it for the last three years.  And I hope there is a chap booth and always like the art even though I usually can't afford any of it, and I want to look at all the arena/barn booths and get pamphlets to take home and try to talk Neil into an arena this winter.

Oh and I got a fun package in the mail.  Carol from All These Pretty Horses sent me my prize in the foaling contest and it was coasters!  They are so cool and even better I dont have them yet :)  Thanks for the prize. 


Cheyenne said...

Lady, your weekend sounds so fun! I LOVE the art at trade shows...yes, pricey, but something to dream about. Let us know how the weekend goes.

You are the queen of canning. My raspberries are sitting in the freezer because I haven't had a lick of time to get anything done with them.

I am thinking it's time to wash windows now that it froze so hard...and yeah, clean up the yard a bit. Holy Moly-it's like a hurricane outside today minus the ocean and rain. I am not daring to go outside with the girls it being like this. Gross!

Can't wait to hear about your weekend! Have fun! Wish I was with you all!

Country Gal said...

Still sounds like you have been busy with all that canning looks yummy! Hope you have a great time at the trade show. Have a wonderful eve.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Looks like you got a lot done to me. Have fun, I love western trade shows.

fernvalley01 said...

See you tomorrow, talked with Shirley tonight and she says the trade show is great!

lisa said...

I hope you had fun, being as I am just now commenting. Jam, that is the only thing that I have never tried canning as of yet. Yours looks good.