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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heritage Park Continued

After we went in most of the buildings, we headed down to take the boat.  It was replicated in 2/3 size of a boat from BC.  It was used to ferry people and passengers to places the train didn't go.

While we were on the boat, which floats on the Glenmore Reservoir, Neil asked the guy about all the mechanical stuff (I think he gets bored)  and the guy said they use vegetable oil in the hydraulic lines cause they are on Calgary's drinking water supply.  I thought that was kinda cool.

Its kinda a neat paddle wheel ship that can be used in really shallow water.  I don't ever remember being on any other boat that had a paddle wheel.  The mountains on the other side of the reservoir were pretty cool looking so I got a picture of them too.  Already snow in the mountains, so I guess winter is coming.

After we got off the boat, we saw someone taking these two Clyde's out to hook them to a wagon.  Their wagon never had people in it, just the greys were hauling people.

We headed down to the farm area and then finally I seen the Belgians :)  They are my favorite draft breed.  Maybe cause I used to have a couple, but I sure like them. 

They were so cute but it must have been their day off cause they were just in a small pasture with another couple horses.

After that we headed to the fort.  It was a Hudson's Bay company fort that was set up and apparently to work there you had to be able to carry two 90 pound packs of furs  at least a mile.  I don't think I could even carry one!

He is sitting on one of the bales of furs and is weaving a belt to help prevent hernias that they would all wear while carrying the furs.

While we were there, I caught Neil looking in the cannon, Kinda a dangerous thing to do I think!

My Mom loves log houses, so this is her favorite stop of the day at this hunter/trapper cabin.

They have these homesteader cabins that are not much of cabin, when the wood run out they would use these tarps as a roof, sure looks like it would be a cold winter in one of them.

The RCMP office here says it was the Berry Creek Detachment.  This was interesting cause I used to live on the berry Creek, so we looked a little closer and read about it and it turns out it was on a friends place.  How cool!  Although its close to Wardlow, the sign at Heritage Park says east of Gliechen, well its east of Gliechen all right and a long ways north too!


Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! That boat looks wonderful I would love to go on it ! I love Belgins to they are also my favorite breed of draft. Have a wonderful eve.

Shirley said...

OK that snow in the mountains is waaaay too early! Pretty photo though.
The paddle wheeler is a copy of the SS Moyie, which use to operate in the lakes around here.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Wow-What a great tour. Thanks!

lisa said...

very nice tour, loved the boat!