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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canadian Supreme--Friday

Wow what an exciting week!!!  It was so much fun but so exhausting up there this week.  I never ended up working up there, becuase I had too many firends to visit with and too much to look at.  Shirley from Ride a Good Horse and Janice from Own a Morgan and Sherry from Fern Valley Appaloosas were there as well as Charlene and then I seen my Aunt Bonnie and Tracy too.

(Shirley, Janice, and Me in back with Sherry in front)

I really enjoyed visiting with them. It sure was fun, but too bad Sherry could only stay a couple hours. But she did come in time to see some spotted ponies run down the fence. Like this guy, Have A Drink On Me.   He ended up 9 in Open Hackmore Derby and 7th in Non Pro Snaffle bit/Hackmore.  (who apperently is for sale for $16,000).

And Ike Ant Be High (which is said I can't be high) With his cool stripe up his back leg.    He ended up 4th in CS Open Hackmore Derby, and 11 in Open Hackmore Derby.  He is such a cool horse! 

And Sheza Genuine Lena, who I wouldn't mind being in my pasture, I sure like here, have liked her since last year.  She isn't as obvious with her coloring shes an appy.  She ended up 4th in the Open Hackmore and second in CS Open Hackmore Derby.

Oh and then the sale.   What a event to go to.  I sure liked a few horses in the sale, but one was scratched which didn't matter too much cause I wasn't there to buy anyways.  And one Charlene was seriously debating on buying, but we knew it would be too much money.  I looked at this one, Misty Blue Boon (lot 7), but not too seriously. She didn't sell for $6700.

And this ones lot 30, Sheza Woody.  She sure was a pretty girl and sounds like she should be nice.  (she sold for $8000)

And then lot 49, Twice a Little Boon, I never looked at her before the sale, but like her color for sure and quite calm.  She sold for $2100, at least reasonable for me.

And then Charlenes pick.  Number 50.  MP Chrome Catt.  We knew it was bad when bidding started at $5000.  He eventually sold for $10,800.  High seller of the sale.  Which is pretty odd that its a yearling even if he was nice.   So hope to see him in a couple years.

And lot 57, which I never got a picture of.  Remel.  My Aunt Bonnie's friend Tracey bought him.  He sounds nice and quiet.  Just 2 and started.  She team pens, so that's probly what he will do although he is Reining Alberta and Canadian Supreme nominated too, so maybe she will start some reining too.  And then my pick, lot 60.  Pistols Cocoa Jay.  She is an 8  year old broke cutter that has 14000 in earnings.  She sold for $9750, which is quite a deal, but still way more than I have to spend now.  Bill Speight was riding her and showing her off then took of her bridle to do a bridleless demonstration.  Was cool :)

Sure was a fun day there, an another full day on Saturday.


5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Crystal....great shots.....We have a big gelding sale up in Red Bluff, they go for $10,000.00 to &20,000.00 (GELDINGS ?) I think your horses are just as nice.

Shirley said...

Boy your pics sure turned out good; mine were awful.
I sure enjoyed the Supreme, but next year I'm bringing a comfy seat!
It was great to see you and Charlene again.

Janice said...

Hey Crystal, see you made it home. So I'm taking it you didn't smuggle home that pretty Tobiano. He sure would have looked good posing for some pics at your place. I'm glad I got to spend some time with you and a little with Charlene too. We will have to get together again it was really nice.

fernvalley01 said...

It was great to see you too! Your pics turned out well

Paint Girl said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! The horses are beautiful. I see a few there I would take in a heartbeat, if I had that kind of money!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little envious, looked like fun. Too bad we're so busy this time of year and then the trip and getting sick hasn't helped either. I won't even mention the horse incident we are suffering from around here. Glad you had fun.