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Monday, May 7, 2012

Back on Schedule

So this morning I figured it was time to get back to riding regularly.  After about 2 1/2 inches of rain in the last 10 day and everything else going on I have hardly been on a horse.  But that has changed today :)

I thought I would ride Razz a bit then come back and grab Jessie and maybe pony her for a bit if Razz was being good.  Well as things went, I had Razz saddled up and she seemed fine (even though I hadn't rode her since Jan) and so I grabbed Jessie's rope and climbed on.  She wanted to walk right away and I had so much ropes and reins and camera and stuff I was just uncoordinated.

But I got the camera around my neck and the mecarte around the horn and reins in one hand and lead rope in the other.  Whew.  So I try to walk away and Jessie thinks she should stay behind and eat grass, so I patiently pull her up to where I want her (by my leg) and she stands nice there until we start walking and then she just drags.

 My arm was wearing out after about 10 minutes of that so I put it around my saddle horn so I only have to hold the end and not so much pulling on me. Razz was awesome she just leaned into it and kept on moving.  The harder Jessie pulled the faster Razz went.  It was kinda funny in kinda a frustrating way.  We stopped for a bit and I wouldn't let Jessie eat even though she sure tried.  I had to eventually head back cause Razz is kinda fat when Jessie pulled hard it pulls my saddle off to the side.  I thought about switching to pony Razz but had her in the hackmore and never rode Jessie in that before and so figured that's not where I wanna try it out.

I got back and put Razz in the pen and saddle Jessie cause she dint get much of a workout and we went back out.  She didn't really want to when she saw Razz eating grass and Magic in the pen beside us and horses in the pasture.  Probly the only time I got on her and she didn't start walking away before I was hardly seated.  So we stood for a bit and I got a good pic of our house from there.

 Then I asked her to go and we headed out the same direction and over to where the smoke (dust from gravel getting made into ashpalt) was coming from.  I figured I know I get bored riding alone  without a purpose so if I had somewhere to go then it would be better.  It is only about 4 miles from our house out there and so we walked and trotted and even got a little lope in. Finally got as close as we could without going into the creek.

  So we turned and headed back, past our gas well.

And saw these really cool white flowers, of which I have no idea what they are.  Sure lots of stuff I don't know out there, also saw a grass I didn't recognize that I wish I got a pic of.

 And passed a dead cow (from a long time ago) and saw a deer antler.  We also saw a a crocus that was still alive, although Jessie stepped on it so probly not doing so well anymore.

 Most are done now though, I kinda thought they should be but with all the rain we been getting lately I wasn't sure.

 Then Jessie stopped just staring and so I look over to where she is expecting deer or antelope and its Neil in his truck.  You can just see him hes a speck on the horizon.

He said he come in and saw a horse and couldn't find me then seen me out there so thought he would see what I was doing.  While he was out there, I got him to take some pics of me.  I asked if her ears were forward and now I look at the pics and they aren't, but oh well, don't get many pics of me on a horse so they will do.

Then headed home and unsaddled and fed them and go in the house and Neil had lunch made :)  I didn't expect that but was a nice surprise.


Amanda Faith said...

Oh these picutres are beautiful! Sounds like you had a great time :)

Linda said...

The tiny white flowers are moss phlox....or sometimes called mayflowers. I hate it when a horse drags behind.

cdncowgirl said...

I know what you mean about finding it hard to stay motivated when you're riding alone with nothing specific to do, at least you've got wide open country to ride in. I've got ditches. BUT after growing up horseless I just kick my butt and say "hey dummy at least you've GOT HORSES!" lol